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Hall sends message to city volunteers

Message from Mayor Lyn Hall to all the volunteers devoted to assisting the evacuees of the Cariboo wildfires in Prince George:

Today marks a dozen days since Prince George activated Emergency Social Services in support of people from the #Cariboo region who are escaping that region’s wildfires. Today, the number of #evacueesregistered in Prince George has passed 9,000.

Welcoming them has fallen to City staff and volunteers who have provided countless hours and countless smiles. Staff and volunteers have assisted with registration, helped with lodging, served meals, cared for animals, provided directions, and more. By all accounts, the evacuees REALLY appreciate it.

The City’s relationship with the Province requires that we deploy emergency social services on behalf of the province, when these services are provided in a municipality. Many of our staff are working extraordinary hours to provide these required services. But there is no way they could do it alone.

Hundreds of volunteers have filled roles in registration, meeting and greeting evacuees, providing lodging, and organizing activities for children. Others are making sure evacuees are being well cared-for while in our community. Volunteers are the lifeline of this operation and without them, help simply wouldn’t be available to those who need it most.

On behalf of the City, Council, and our local government colleagues in the Cariboo, I would like to extend a special thank you to Volunteer Prince George for playing a critical role in managing and scheduling the many volunteers who have given of their time and been away from family to help. We are working together to smooth the integration of volunteers into our operations and there have been – and will be – bumps along the way. Please bear with us and know that the City and the evacuees appreciate your patience and dedication to the cause.

Please keep in contact with Volunteer Prince George’s website and Facebook page for updates:

You can also follow the City on social media and check in regularly with our web page dedicated to this effort:

Thank you again to all of the volunteers. You make this City great and we are all so proud of you and your dedication.

Lyn Hall
Mayor of Prince George

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