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Rustad gives update on fire situation

Forests Minister John Rustad’s latest update on wildfires in B.C.

Winds have picked up. Busy day today with significant risks. I will post what I can when I can. Some UPDATES included (1:03pm).

Last night an arm of the Ashcroft/Cache Creek fire took off north and caused the evacuation of the Loon Lake community plus expanded evacuation alerts. With the pick up in winds today and potential for lightning, let’s hope our containment efforts hold.

Some of the significant fires:
Ashcroft/Cache Creek area: NOW 14,700ha with 0% contained
Princeton area: NOW 3,278ha with NOW 35% containment
Little Fort area: Dunn Lake Fire 1,400ha with 20% containment
Little Fort area: Thuya Lake rd 440ha with 40% containment
Harrison Lake East: 185ha with 20% containment

Sutherland: 1,590ha with 80% containment
Tatelkuz: 1,347ha with 30% containment
Big Bend Creek: 2,062ha with 0% containment

Gustafsen Fire: 5,000ha with NOW 20% containment
150 Mile House fire: 2,600ha with 50% containment
Wildwood Fire: 2,500ha with 40% containment
Hawkes Creek: 100ha with 25% containment
Soda Creek: 100ha with NOW 30% containment
Spoken Lake: 460ha with 75% containment
UBC Research area fire: 40ha with 45% containment
Gavin Lake Fire: 40ha with 25% containment
Big Lake FSR fire: 40ha with 50% containment
Big Lake fire: 40ha with 25% containment

Tautri Complex fire (formerly known as the Maka Complex): 15,000ha, 0% contained.

Currently there are about 17,000 people evacuated and another 29,000 on evacuation alert. We have more than 3000 people fighting the 163 fires (20 new fires yesterday) and 207 aircraft.

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