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Horgan to be next B.C. premier


Even though there were only two possible outcomes and the outcome that emerged was the one most predicted, it was still an evening of high drama in British Columbia.

Shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, the 41 NDP MLAs and three Green MLAs joined forces to out-vote the 43 Liberal MLAs on accepting an amended throne speech, meaning Premier Christy Clark and the Liberals had lost the confidence of the House. After an hour-long meeting with Clark, Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon summed NDP leader John Horgan to Government House and asked him if he could form government.

Following that meeting, Horgan issued the following statement:

“Today, British Columbia got a new government that will work every single day to make life better for people.

“British Columbians work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. But for years, life in B.C. has been getting harder and more expensive. That’s about to change.

“There’s a lot of work to do to fix the problems British Columbians are facing. And we’re ready to get started.

“It’s time for new leadership that makes life more affordable for people.

“It’s time to shorten health care wait times and invest in better schools for our kids.

“It’s time to build a sustainable economy with good-paying, stable jobs in every corner of this province.

“It’s time to build a better B.C., together.”

Forming that government will, of course, depend on the support of the three Green Party MLAs.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver issued the following statement:

“After seven long weeks, I am delighted that British Columbians will finally have a new government. When we launched our election campaign, we promised to do politics differently. Our Confidence and Supply Agreement lays the groundwork for a new kind of collaborative, productive parliament.

“The B.C. Green caucus will provide stability for this new minority government by supporting confidence and supply measures. We have also agreed to collaborate on a wide range of policies that are supported by a majority of British Columbians. As an opposition caucus, we will collaborate with our colleagues on both sides of the house to advance good public policy that will put the interests of British Columbians first, as well as hold the government to account for their decisions and actions.

“On May 9, British Columbians sent us a strong signal that they want us to work together – no party was given a majority of seats and 100% of the power. I am encouraged that the leaders of both other parties have acknowledged this.”

The events of the night have prompted many responses on Twitter:

To which, Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond responded:

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