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Party lines spoil the party

Today’s the day that we finally put an end to the political machinations that were set in motion May 9 … or is it just the beginning?

Bill Phillips

I suspect the latter. However, today is a major day in the ongoing saga as the confidence vote on the throne speech will be held and the Liberal government will likely be defeated. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

Pundits, politicians, politicos, and prognosticators have been pondering the Speaker’s role and how the NDP/Green alliance will make that work for almost two months now.

It’ll be 44-43, 43-43, 44-42, 44-41, … game, set, and match.

There’s only one thing wrong with all the predictions of how the vote could be held … none of the predictions take into account whether the piece of legislation being voted on is actually good for the province or not. Everyone will, because everyone almost always does, vote along party lines. Everything that the NDP/Green alliance brings forward will be voted against by the Liberals and vice-versa (as we saw earlier this week).

I know it’s just the way things are, but wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t?

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