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Instant karma’s going to get you

Once again this week, karma reared its head for a driver in a hurry, and I happened to have a front-row seat.

I was second in line at a light, with a large truck behind me, and, I think at least one more vehicle behind them.

There was a clearly marked right turn lane beside me, with both signs and an arrow on the road making it very clear that lane was not for people going through the intersection.

Well, one fellow decided that having to wait for a couple of other vehicles to get through the light, especially with one of them being a large truck, would take way too long for his apparently messed-up schedule.

So I see him in my passenger-side mirror come up behind the lined-up traffic, then drop into the right-turn lane, and keep coming without slowing down.

No turn signal, so I figured he was going to just blow right by us, then jump back into the through lane once he was past the intersection.

And by golly, his plan was working to perfection. As he came past one of the vehicles behind me, the light on the crossing street turned yellow.

As he passed the large truck behind me, the cross light turned red, and our light turned green.

As he passed me, I could almost feel his smugness at not having to wait in line like the rest of us when he was in a hurry.

As he passed the police car in front of me, I can only imagine his feelings.

As I passed him a few seconds later on the side of the road with the police vehicle behind him, I thought, “I guess your schedule is going to be even more screwed-up than it was before.”

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