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Trudeau maintains majority approval: Poll

A year-and-a-half into his mandate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to hold the approval of more than half of Canadians, but a new leader on the national scene is already being viewed as better suited to deal with the economic issues that are top of mind for this nation.

A new Angus Reid Institute analysis of quarterly public opinion polling data from more than 5,400 Canadian adults finds that as the summer recess approaches in Ottawa, Trudeau is still widely seen as best Prime Minister. That said, more Canadians are also inclined to say that it may be time for a change on Parliament Hill than they have been since Trudeau took office.

Key Findings:

  • Trudeau’s approval stands at 54 per cent, a level essentially unchanged since December 2016
  • Although new Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is unknown to nearly two-in-five Canadians (37%), he is seen as best leader to handle economic issues
  • Were an election to be held today, vote intention indicates a strong narrowing of the gap between those who would choose the Conservative and Liberal parties in the last 18 months


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Link to the poll here:

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