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Horgan, Weaver accuse Clark of stalling transition

BC NDP leader John Horgan and Green Party leader Andrew Weaver reach deal to form government. Twitter photo

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver are calling on Christy Clark to stop delaying what will likely be the downfall of the Liberal government.

Since originally pledging to hold a confidence vote quickly, Clark has delayed the vote so it won’t occur until nearly two months from the time British Columbians voted for change. The legislature has been recalled for June 22 and it will likely be several days following that before a confidence vote is held. The election was May 9.

New Democrat Leader John Horgan says Clark’s delays and distractions mean priorities like education, housing affordability, and the opioid crisis are not being addressed.

“While British Columbians struggle with rising costs and damaged services, Christy Clark is playing political games and attempting to cling to power as long as possible,” said Horgan, in a press release. “Instead of getting out of the way so our new government can hire teachers and address housing affordability, Christy Clark is hanging on for a few more weeks so she can give her friends pay bumps.”

B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver pointed out that Clark said she wanted to cooperate with other parties, and it calling on her to do so.

“British Columbians are ready for a new kind of politics where parties work together to make life better for people, we’re ready to do that,” said Weaver. “British Columbians don’t want more delays and distractions from Christy Clark. They want a new government that puts people first, and we’re ready to get to work.”

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