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CNC Quesnel offers academic upgrading

The College of New Caledonia in Quesnel and School District 28 are working collaboratively on a transfer in operations of academic upgrading courses.  The upgrading courses at CNC will begin in September 2017 at the Quesnel CNC campus.  The School District will continue to offer courses through to the end of June, in order to allow students to finish courses in progress.

With the change of hands, CNC will continue to provide small classes, plenty of one-on-one support, and a warm and welcoming environment for adult learners. The classes will support for those who prefer to work in a group environment.  There will also be the addition of night upgrading classes to suit the schedules of working students.

“The course content and delivery will be similar to what the School District was offering,” said Morgan Ross, Quesnel Regional Principal, in a press release. “We will provide experienced instructors who are really attuned to the needs of upgrading students and work to meet students at their starting point.”

Not only will CNC offer upgrading courses so students can complete their high school courses, the College will also provide opportunities for students to combine upgrading courses with post-secondary courses (including trades) to complete their Adult Dogwood under one roof at the Quesnel Campus.

At Quesnel’s recent Convocation ceremony, three students received their credentials and are now moving onto further education.  One after three years of upgrading will join the CNC’s Nursing program. Another is pursuing her BA in First Nations Studies, and the third is off to a Speech Pathology program in Michigan.

As CNC continues to respond to the community needs, English, math, biology, chemistry, physics, and student success will all be offered as part of academic upgrading in the fall.

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