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Nothing phony about this aggravation

I am a man bereft and forlorn.

I am a man ripped from the world around him, and left to twist slowly in the wind, out of touch and out of mind.

I am a man without a phone.

My cellphone battery developed a strange and disturbing bulge last Friday morning, meaning there was nothing showing up on the screen at all.

When I discovered this problem very early Friday morning, I pondered the situation. I had to do the morning Citizen and the weather update on CFIS early (about 5 a.m.) and then I had a couple of other things to get done before I hosted After Nine and Radio Roundtable.

That was when the first problem with not having my phone hit me. My daily calendar was on the phone. Who were my guests for After Nine and Radio Roundtable?

I, of course, didn’t have it written down anywhere because who, today, puts anything in writing when you can put it on your cellphone?

I put my rapidly atrophying memory to work and remembered who I had as guests, and then I tried to picture what else I had on my calendar for the day.

Suffice to say, I got through Friday. When I went to get a new battery, I found out it had to be ordered in from Vancouver, and it would be a few days.

Apparently the hamster-powered battery I had in my phone is not one the local stores keep in stock.

So when I get the new battery and get it installed, I am thinking about getting a new phone at the same time – as well as a daily calendar of the type you use pen and ink on.

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