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NCLGA rescinds president’s letter to Judith Guichon

The North Central Local Government Association is rescinding a letter its president sent to Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon last week.

In the letter NCLGA president Shaely Wilbur, a city councillor from Dawson Creek, expressed concerns about the BC NDP and Green Party alliance that could form a minority government in B.C. In the letter she claimed the NDP/Green alliance “fetters the discretion of individual members of both caucuses in fulfilling their constitutional roles and duties.” She added that should Guichon accept the alliance she felt the Crown would condoning an unconstitutional act.

Wilbur added the agreement “neglects and disempowers the community-level administration of this region and the families who live and work here.” Almost all of the ridings served by the NCLGA are Liberal held ridings. In addition, she added the NCLGA is a non-partisan organization.

The letter, which apparently was not endorsed by the entire board, has angered the entire board. An emergency meeting was held Tuesday and a subsequent letter has been sent to Guichon rescinding the letter.

“It was an error to send a letter on behalf of all NCLGA local government members without a thorough vetting by the board members duly elected and appointed by them,” states the letter, published in its entirety by 250 News. “The NCLGA board sincerely regrets this and will be taking immediate action to ensure this does not happen again.  Furthermore, the NCLGA Board will be sending an official letter of apology to all NCLGA local government members, all leaders of political parties in the BC Legislature and to Her Honour, Lt. Governor Guichon.”

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