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Doherty calls on B.C. Liberal MPs to support TransMountain pipeline

Cariboo-Prince George Conservative candidate Todd Doherty.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline project should proceed.

He made the assertion last week following the emergence of a new provincial political climate in which the BC NDP and Green Party, poised to form a minority government, have stated they will attempt to block construction of the federally-approved project.

Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty says Trudeau should come to British Columbia to push for the pipeline and called on all 17 British Columbia Liberal MPs to publicly push for the project.

“We’ve seen a lot of talk, but we haven’t seen the prime minister defend in in the province,” Doherty said in the House Friday. “We haven’t seen his 17 MPs defend it in the province of British Columbia. The reason why we’re sitting today, on the verge of collapse, possibly, with the coalition of the NDP and the BC Green Party, is because the prime minister himself and the 17 B.C. MPs have refused to come to the province, have refused to stand up for these projects that are the lifeblood of our economy.”

He was speaking to a Conservative motion that asserts that the Kinder Morgan TransMountain Project has social licence to proceed, is safe and economically sound.

It was approved by the National Energy Board, with 157 conditions attached, and approved by the federal Liberal government.

“What we need is a champion, someone who will stand up for safe transportation of our national resources,” Doherty said. “The prime minister has made the announcement but has been absent on this front.”

Doherty said the pipeline project will province “incredible” economic benefits not only for the province, but the country as a whole. He said it will create 15,000 jobs in the country.

He pointed out the National Energy Board report on the pipeline concluded “the pipeline is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects,” and “construction was in the best interest of Canadians.”

He stressed that Trudeau should come to B.C. to promote the pipeline, but suggested his B.C. caucus doesn’t want him to.

“Now up to the prime minister to walk the talk, stand up to his BC Liberal MPs, and champion the pipeline in B.C. to make sure that it gets built,” said Doherty.

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