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School district passes $158.4 million budget

For the first time in several years, School District 57 trustees didn’t have to dip into reserves to balance the operations budget.

The Board of Education passed a $158.4 million budget Tuesday, which entails $132.6 million for operating, $17.7 million in a special purpose fund, and $8 million in capital expenditures.

While the operating and special purpose funds will not see a deficit, the capital fund will see a $1.3 million deficit.

More than 70 per cent of the district’s overall operating budget is made up of school allocations, money that goes directly to schools and is budgeted by school principals.

Only six per cent of school allocation funds go to services and supplies while 94 per cent goes toward salaries and benefits.

Trustees also approved installing new adventure playgrounds at Blackburn, Ecole Lac Des Bois and Springwood Elementary.

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