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Great fun at Canada North Resources Expo

I may have been one of the few people in Prince George who had a cold get worse on the weekend.

I was working the CFIS radio booth at the Canada North Resources Expo at CN Centre on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, I got there about 8 to get ready to go on the air live at 9, and found it pleasantly cool on the floor of the arena, especially knowing what the temperature was supposed to get to outside. And it did turn out to be a very pleasant day.

Saturday, I got there about there same time, and found out somebody had apparently turned on the air conditioning in the arena, or had maybe put the ice back in. It was distinctly colder, and I was happy very quickly that I had worn my windbreaker on the walk over. I didn’t need it for the walk home, when it was again quite warm, but it had been very handy during the day.

Actually, my first contact with the Expo had come on Tuesday when I went over to tape an interview for our After Nine show on Wednesday with Master Promotions nationals how manager Mark Cusack. You probably remember Tuesday. That was the day we had a bit of a windstorm come through.

Actually, calling it a bit of a windstorm is like saying I have a strange sense of humour. It doesn’t even tell half the story. There were tents on the grounds at the Exhibition Ground threatening to take off the whole time I was talking to Mark.

As for the Expo itself, it was a lot of fun. I met a fair number of new people, insulted the people in the booths near us a fair bit, and managed to keep us on the air (apart for a few seconds of dead air now and then) for the better part of my shifts both days.

The Expo will be back in 2019, same place, and probably about the same time. It’s a fun time.

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