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Victims and Survivors of Crime Week this week

This week is Victims and Survivors of Crime Week.

During this awareness-building week, the three locally based Victim Service providers, RCMP Victim Services, Community-based Victim Services (The Elizabeth Fry Society) and the Aboriginal Community-based Victim Services (Native Healing Centre), are holding an event Heritage Elementary School this morning to discuss the work they do in unison to provide a well-rounded and collaborative approach to supporting victims of crime and trauma.

While speaking about the very important work that these agencies do in the community, there will be a therapy dog demonstration provided by the Prince George RCMP’s Victim Services Section, as well as a demonstration from School District 57s first official therapy dog.

“Therapy dogs are effective with anyone who is a dog lover but kids seem to really connect with them,” said Krista Levar, RCMP Victim Services Coordinator.  “Giving kids an opportunity to get to know the RCMP therapy dogs in a proactive setting such as this offers relationship building for positive future interactions and expands their knowledge about treating animals with kindness and, hopefully, brings that awareness to other avenues of their lives.”

Other planned events for this week will be announced at this event.

Victim Services units support victims of crime throughout the often harrowing events surrounding a tragedy or trauma by providing crisis intervention, emotional support and information about the criminal justice system.  This very important week of recognition and learning will offer many opportunities for the public to expand their scope of knowledge in relation to the issues victims of crime face, as well as the role Victim Services plays for Prince George citizens.

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