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Random ramblings after Victoria Day

Holiday Mondays are always welcomed by me, but they do tend to throw my schedule out of whack.

So, when in doubt, go with some Random Ramblings:

  • This particular holiday was Victoria Day, and I am wondering how many people know why this one is celebrated. I suspect a lot of younger people think of it as the May equivalent of Family Day – a holiday that’s there so we don’t have to go a whole month without a day off. I also wonder if people in B.C. are confused when they go to Alberta and find out it’s not Edmonton Day.
  • So B.C. boy Kelly Olynyk has had a couple of big games for the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs this year. I know his dad and uncle from my time in Kamloops some years ago. I also found it interesting that the Celtics, who are one of the final four teams in the playoffs this year, will get the top pick in the upcoming draft, thanks to a trade from four years ago with the then-New Jersey Nets. Kind of weird how what probably looked like a throw-in at the time turns into the top pick.
  • City crews have been doing a lot of work on the roads around Prince George in the past couple of weeks. The paving program is underway for another season, and a lot of streets are also sporting nice new lines. I just hope we don’t run into the same situation here as in one other community I worked in. The crews painted lines on a couple of streets a couple of weeks before those same streets were repaved.
  • City council told staff it was OK to take the first step to applying for the 2020 Brier curling championships. We’ve already hosted a Scotties, a Road to the Rings and the Canada Winter Games, so we obviously have the facilities and the people. Kind of nice to have one of Canada’s biggest winter sports events here a couple of years before one of the province’s biggest summer events – the 2022 BC Summer Games.

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