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Surprise at the P.G. Equine and Animal Rescue

John Brink, of Brink Group of Companies, announces he will donate $50,000 to the Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue Society as Nicola Redpath looks on. James Doyle photo


There was nary a dry eye in the pasture Wednesday afternoon.

Nicola Redpath, who is not often at a loss for words, was at a loss for words.

The watery eyes of the small group assembled weren’t because of a heart-wrenching story of animal neglect that is too often heard at the Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue. No, the tears were because of a gift to those who give so much to abused and unwanted animals in the region.

John Brink, of the Brink Group of Companies, caught Redpath, who runs the facility, totally off guard when he sprung the news on her that he will donate $50,000 to the facility over the next five years.

Half that that will come in cash, $5,000 per year, and the other half will be in lumber, something Brink Forest Products can readily supply.

An emotional Nicola Redpath of the Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue and John Brink of Brink Group of Companies. Brink has donated $50,000 to the rescue facility. James Doyle photo

“I really appreciate the lumber part of it,” said Redpath after taking a few moments to compose herself. “It’s like gold.”

Building corrals and fences on the 160-acre animal rescue facility is an ongoing chore, said Redpath. And, the cash will also come in handy as the Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue Society relies on donations to feed and care for the animals it takes in.

“I’m very impressed with what you’re doing,” Brink told Redpath. ““We wanted to do something on a longer term and we want to be there for you.”

Located on 160 acres on Bendixson Road southeast of Prince George, Redpath takes in animals of all kinds and finds ‘forever’ homes for them. Horses, dogs, cats, sheep, and llamas are all being currently all being cared for.

Last month the BC SPCA seized 13 adult dogs, seven puppies and seven horses from a property in Cheslatta, south of Burns Lake. Those horses are now being nursed back to health at the ranch.

They can handle up to 10 rescue dogs, along with their own three dogs, 10 cats, and have had as many as 35 horses at the ranch. Last year Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue Society was able to help 41 dogs, 52 cats and nine horses. Since 2003 they have rescued more than 300 horses.

You can find them on Facebook or check out their website.

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