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NDP release election platform

NDP leader John Horgan releases the party’s platform in Coquitlam. BC NDP photo

The NDP released its party platform Thursday that it says will make life more affordable, create 96,000 jobs, build 114,000 homes, and fix the services people count on.

“While Christy Clark is looking out for people at the top, my priority is making life better for people,” said NDP leader John Horgan in a press release. “Our plan will create good jobs that grow the economy, make life more affordable for families, and fix the services people count on, all with a balanced budget. We’ll pay for it by reversing Christy Clark’s tax cut to the top two per cent, raising corporate taxes, taxing housing speculators and cutting BC Liberal waste. Our investments in people will boost economic growth and create jobs and opportunity for the people of BC.

The platform includes $717 million in new spending for the current fiscal year. After taking into account the $295 million projected surplus in the current budget, and $530 million in projected revenue and savings, Horgan’s plan delivers a $108 million surplus for 2017/18, with projected surpluses of $131 million and $80 million in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

“Christy Clark’s choices have hurt families and made life harder for people. We’re going to make different choices – choices that help families and make their lives better,” said Horgan.

The Liberals, however, say the NDP platform contains a “multi-billion-dollar crater for B.C.’s economy.” They claim it will lead to deficits, downgrades, and massive tax hikes on middle class families.

“After promising billions in reckless spending, the BC NDP’s John Horgan was specifically asked today if he was prepared to rule out tax increases. His response was to duck and dodge,” said Liberal candidate Mike De Jong. “This document is a five-alarm warning to British Columbian families.”

He said the BC NDP failed to take into account $1.7 billion in lost revenue on Medical Service Premiums, the cost of an ICBC and Hydro rate freeze.

“The BC NDP’s fiscal plan is responsible, feasible, and prudent,” said Dr. Rob Gillezeau, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria. “With the maintenance of both a forecast allowance and contingencies for the next three years, an NDP government would be able to meet its fiscal targets. The long run fiscal sustainability of British Columbia will be maintained under this plan.”

Download this release and the backgrounders: bcndp_platform_announcement

Access the platform and documents at:

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