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NDP to give renters a break

NDP leader John Horgan announces a renter’s rebate.

The BC NDP are prepared to give renters a break.

“We will make life more affordable for renters by introducing a $400 a year renter’s rebate to help families manage the high cost of housing in today’s market,” said John Horgan, BC NDP leader Wednesday. “Christy Clark’s choices have hurt renters. We’ll close the legal loopholes she refused to fix that let bad landlords impose massive rent increases. And her inaction on the housing crisis has left families paying sky-high rents, with nowhere to turn if they are ‘reno-victed’ from their homes.”

If the NDP form government they will:

  • Give renters relief with a $400 a year renter’s rebate
  • Close loopholes that let bad landlords impose big rent increases by abusing the vacate clause in fixed-term leases and increases based on neighbourhood prices
  • Ensure renters are treated fairly during renovations and demolitions

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