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Nan Kendy runs for Greens in Prince George-Valemount

Nan Kendy, BC Green Party candidate in Prince George-Valemount.

In 2013 Nan Kendy wanted to vote for the Green Party. However, when she went to the ballot box, there was no candidate.

She decided to change that this time around and she’s hoping to do more than simply vote for a Green Party candidate. She is the candidate in her riding of Prince George-Valemount.

“In my experience, the core principles of the B.C. Green Party – ecological wisdom, respect for diversity, social justice and participatory democracy, sustainability, and non-violence – are reflected in the hearts and minds of many people in the north,” she said. “These principles and the party platform require visibility to be fully embraced. The best time to do this is at election time.”

Kendy became an elementary school teacher in 1987 and taught grades K-6 for about 20 years. In 2007 she earned a Masters in Education from the University of Victoria with an emphasis in Aboriginal and Environmental Education. From 2007 – 2012 she worked as a sessional instructor in the School of Education at the University of Northern B.C.

She retired in 2012 and took up gardening. She began volunteering for her local community association as secretary and currently is president. In 2013 she took a Water Stewardship Course with the B.C. Lake Stewardship Society and coordinated a water monitoring program on Nadsilnich (West) Lake that ran from 2013-2016 in tandem with the Ministry of Environment and the BC Lake Stewardship Society.

“I am deeply passionate about the environment and global warming and the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels,” she said. “We need to conserve and sustainably manage the remaining natural resources in the north, for our children and their children. It is essential for me to be part of reconciling the colonial legacy that continues to impact the lives of Indigenous peoples in B.C. and Canada. We need to recognize and respect Aboriginal rights, land claims, languages and Indigenous knowledges.”


In the summer Kendy is an avid gardener and she enjoys hiking, canoeing, kayaking and swimming at the many lakes, rivers and ocean waters of BC. In the winter she enjoys reading, skiing and skating.

She is running against incumbent Liberal candidate Shirley Bond and NDP candidate Natalie Fletcher. British Columbians go to the polls May 9.

Election 2017

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