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Wow, the press releases have stopped

Bill Phillips

In case you were thinking that the media was spreading a bunch of hoo-haw about the government public relations machine kicking into overdrive with announcements just before the election.

False news be damned … here are the facts.

On Friday, the government issued 33 press releases. They ranged from support for the YMCA to a housing projects in Richmond to funding for grasslands enhancements.

Today, the day before the writ is to be officially dropped officially starting the election, only one press release has so far been forthcoming … Premier Christy Clark’s official statement on Passover.

Anyone still think the kazillion press releases/announcements issued by the Government of B.C. over the past six weeks had nothing to do with the re-election hopes of the Liberal Party? Anyone else feel that this is blatant electioneering and a mis-use of public dollars for partisan political gain?

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