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Northern Development funds six community facilities

Northern Development’s board of directors recently approved a total of $180,000 in funding for six community facilities through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program. The program provides a maximum of $30,000 in funding (up to 70 per cent of a project’s budget) for local governments, First Nations and registered non-profits to improve, expand or develop facilities throughout the region.

“Investing in facilities like these helps to ensure that communities can continue to host events and provide services that not only contribute to local lifestyle, but that also generate service sector revenues to the local economy, and ultimately help build a stronger north,” said Joel McKay, Northern Development CEO.

The six projects offer a wide range of rental opportunities, events, and recreational programming for the entire community.

“On behalf of council, I would like to thank Northern Development for making this important investment in Prince George’s park infrastructure,” said Mayor Lyn Hall. “We heard loud and clear from residents that they greatly valued the old picnic shelter. The new pavilion will be a showpiece for our community and only enhance the popularity of this area with families. The expansion of the pavilion patio will ensure that even more residents and visitors can enjoy this beautiful location and fantastic new structure for many years to come.​”

The projects are:

$30,000 for the Elder Citizens Recreation Centre

The existing kitchen is aging and not equipped to keep up with the current demands on the facilities for venue rentals and delivery of the affordable and nutritious weekday meal program offered to members and the public. The project will include the installation of new appliances, furnace, and additional space. These improvements will allow the Association to increase rental and catering revenue by attracting more frequent and larger events while continuing to serve the local growing senior population.

$30,000 for the Kinsmen Hall

The current roof of the hall is sustaining leaks directly into the space available to rent to the public for meetings and events. These funds will be used toward the replacement of the 4,900 square foot roof, allowing the facility to continue to generate revenue from rentals.

$30,000 for CN Centre

CN Centre’s luxury suites are rented on an annual basis by businesses and the public who pay a premium to have access to events for an exclusive experience. These funds will be used to replace carpeting in these suites and the media box that is aged, damaged, outdated with durable, high-quality vinyl flooring that will require minimal upkeep. Additionally, the funds will be used to replace 200 damaged 22-year old event chairs.

$30,000 for Pineview Hall

Pineview Hall will be using these funds to expand the existing facility to include improved office space, a meeting/conference room, air conditioning and storage space, allowing the facility to meet the community’s growing needs. These expansions will enable the Recreation Commission to include the activities and services offered in the community, as well as an improved affordable venue for local events.

$30,000 for AiMHi

AiMHi’s gymnasium and conference centre offer local groups access to a safe, well-maintained, welcoming and accessible space for events, workshops and meetings. The two public washroom adjacent to this space are in their original state and this funding will be used for updates to ensure the washrooms are fully accessible and improve the facility’s energy efficiency.

$30,000 for the Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park Pavilion

Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park is a popular venue for a wide range of activities. A new pavilion will provide a sheltered, historically relevant, visually appealing area for community gathering, with this funding used to enhance it with an extended patio space.

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