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Canadian deficit concerns balloon ahead of Liberals’ second budget

As the federal government prepares to release its second budget since winning the 2015 election on a promise to run “modest deficits,” a new analysis of polling data by the Angus Reid Institute finds deficits and government spending increasingly on the minds of many Canadians.

The Institute’s latest quarterly analysis of public opinion data from more than 5,400 Canadian adults finds deficits and spending to be the third most-mentioned concern when Canadians are canvassed on the most important issues in the country today, behind only health care and the economy in general. Moreover, the number of respondents naming the deficit as a top concern has nearly doubled since Justin Trudeau’s government took office.

That said, the Prime Minister himself remains popular. More than half of all Canadians say they approve of his performance, though relatively few do so “strongly.”

Key Findings: 

54 per cent of Canadians approve of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s performance, essentially unchanged from last quarter. The PM is most popular in Atlantic Canada, and least so in Alberta

One-in-four Canadians (26%) say their standard of living has declined in the last year, the lowest percentage to have said this since tracking began in 2010

The percentage of Canadians who name “the deficit/government spending” as a top issue has increased or stayed the same in every edition of this quarterly survey since the Trudeau government took office, from 12 per cent in December 2015 to 22 per cent now

Link to the poll here:


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