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We should have an election every year

It’s amazing what a police investigation, in an election year, can accomplish.

Global News is reporting this morning that the B.C. Liberals are about to announce that an independent panel (to be appointed after the election, of course) will examine the thorny issue of campaign financing.

The Liberals, until the ugly glare of an RCMP investigation on the eve of a provincial election reared its head, have steadfastly opposed changing British Columbia’s rules, or lack of them, when it comes to donating to political parties. The NDP have brought forward legislation several times calling for the elimination of corporate and union donations to political parties. That was summarily dismissed and scoffed at by the Liberals.

That was until they realized it could become an election issue that could hurt them at the polls.

News last week that Elections BC is turning its file on some questionable campaign contributions over the RCMP has suddenly changed the Liberal mindset.

Like I said, maybe we should have elections every year. That’s when government seems to care about the ramifications of what it does.

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