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Age-friendly grants for Mackenzie and Burns Lake

Burns Lake and Mackenzie have each received ‘age-friendly’ grants from the Victoria.

Mackenzie will receive a $20,000 grant to support a seniors’ housing and health services assessment while Burns Lake will receive a $10,500 grant to support a seniors’ housing assessment project.

The housing project is for those aged 55 and older in the Lakes District area, which includes the Village of Burns Lake and six First Nations communities.

Within this region, 20 per cent of residents are over 55 years of age, a percentage that is expected to increase. This project will enhance the Village of Burns Lake’s efforts to keep seniors in the community while improving their quality of life.

“The funding that the Age Friendly Grant has provided for our 55+ Housing Survey will help our town to prepare for and meet the needs of seniors in our area, which will be invaluable to our residents for years to come. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Health for giving us a means of taking on this initiative,” said Chris Beach, mayor of Burns Lake.

The assessment in Mackenzie will focus on increasing the accessibility of housing and services for seniors in the region. The health services component will explore the availability of senior support services such as home care and assisted living options, as well as work with BC Housing to implement programs that can help seniors age in place.

“Council strives to create a community that is inclusive of all its members,” said District of Mackenzie mayor Pat Crook. “We are grateful for the support we have received for this initiative as the results will assist in future planning for our aging population.”


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