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Steelworkers set record straight … union supports the NDP

The United Steelworkers is setting the record straight … it is not supporting the BC Liberals.

The Province newspaper incorrectly reported that the United Steelworkers had given such an endorsement.

“While we trust this was an honest error, and will avoid any shouting of fake news, it’s important to set the record straight,” reads a statement posted on the union’s website today. “In the interest of the health and safety of our members, we could never endorse the Christy Clark government.   From botched WCB investigations to lax enforcement and cuts to WCB pensions, this government does not deserve our support.

“Steelworkers know the health and safety of miners will never be fully protected when the same ministry that is supposed to protect them is focused on promoting the industry and not regulating it.

“Meanwhile Clark ignored the tens of thousands of jobs lost in our forest sector while raw log exports continue unabated and too few trees have been replanted.  USW members are tired of the wealth generated in their region going into provincial coffers while local schools have been closed and communities face doctor shortages. Steelworkers are tired of tax breaks for their employers while their BC Hydro and ICBC bills keep going up.

“Steelworkers know their employers and other corporations donate heavily to the Christy Clark government.  We’re tired of a government that’s always there for the wealthy and big corporations. We don’t trust Christy Clark and her phony hard hat photo-ops.

The Steelworkers, with more than 30,000 members in B.C., endorse John Horgan the BC NDP, according to the statement.

Last week the 1,800-member Ironworkers union threw its support behind the Liberals.

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