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Explosive device forces evacuation of Burns Lake school

A Burns Lake elementary school was evacuated Tuesday after someone brought an explosive device to the school.

The BC RCMP’s Explosives Disposal Unit was called in to the William Konkin Elementary School to deal with the situation. They confirmed the device was inert, and could not have exploded, and have removed it for disposal.

The school has now been determined safe and open for business as usual.
The principal of the school called us right away when she learned of the device and immediately evacuated all the staff and students, said Corporal Aaron Semmler, Acting Detachment Commander for Burns Lake RCMP, in a press release. Their reaction time was excellent, and it was very reassuring she was able to quickly account for the safety of all staff and students.

There were no injuries to any staff or students, he notes.

We took the step of calling for the explosive disposal unit to attend, out of an abundance of caution, he said.

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