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Patient scans taken at Terrace hospital being reviewed

Northern Health is working with patients and physicians after an audit of radiology exams (CT scan, ultrasound and general x-ray) at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace found inconsistencies with the reading and reporting of medical images.

The scans were read by one radiologist, between October 2016 and January 2017. The radiologist is on voluntary leave as the quality concerns are investigated.

A group of radiologists at Vancouver General Hospital is assisting with the reading of more than 8,400 images (from 5,278 patients). This process is expected to be complete by the end of March. As results become available, physicians and patients will be notified.

The review does not mean that all of the original readings are inaccurate or incomplete, or that a discrepancy will result in negative clinical concern or adverse health impacts to the individuals affected. These tests are used to support a physician diagnosis, and are not the only factor considered.

There is no public risk or need to follow up with your physician if you are not contacted.

If patients have further questions about their care, they’re encouraged to contact their physician. General questions can also be sent to the following email:

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