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Four seasons, all in one week

One of the reasons some people like to live in Prince George is the climate. Mainly because we have more than one.

I have heard a number of people over the years say they prefer Prince George to other areas of the province because “we have four seasons up here, not like Vancouver where it just rains all the time.”

And that’s true. We usually do have four seasons in the city. We just don’t usually have them all in one week, like we did in the past week.

It was only about a week ago that we were still seeing overnight lows in the minus-20 range, which had some people complaining about how they had figured the cold weather was behind us (even though it was just the first week of February).

Then the snow came . . . and came . . . and came. And then it kept coming.

We weren’t the only ones getting the snow, of course, and in at least one respect we were luckier than other parts of the province. There was a lot of snow here, but the low temperatures meant it was still pretty light.

That was something I heard from a lot of people after they dug themselves out for the second or third time in 24 hours.

“There was a lot of snow, but it was so easy to shovel it because it was so light.”

I can attest to that. I didn’t need to help Mom with her driveway because, when I phoned, she said she had gotten it done “with no problem because it was so light.”

She hadn’t even bothered with the snowblower because the wind probably would have made it more trouble than it was worth.

However, even though I didn’t need to help Mom, I did need to dig my car out in the apartment parking lot after I didn’t hear the little snowmover going through. He did a great job, and only left me about six inches worth of snow to take care of myself.
It took me less time to shovel the snow out of the way than it did to sweep the car off afterwards.

Then, after the snow, came the warm weather.

So we had winter, (snow)fall and spring all within the past week.

I figure by the weekend, people will be out getting tans.

Or maybe not.

After all, this is Prince George, and we get all the seasons here.


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