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Roads treacherous as heavy snow descends on Prince George

Friday’s heavy snowfall has wreaked havoc on area roads.

Drive BC is reporting limited visibility on Highway 16 east and west of Prince George.  On Highway 97 it is reporting compact snow with slippery section and limited visibility with blowing snow both north and south of Prince George.

Around the city there have been several fender benders has motorists have been unable to control their vehicles in the heavy snow.

The city reports that crews are out in full force. The snowfall exceeded the city’s 75mm threshold  which activates full snow and ice control operations.

Crews will be working through the weekend, 24 hours a day, starting with priority one and priority two routes, which must be completed within 48 hours following the end of a snowfall as per the city’s snow and ice control bylaw.

Following that, crews will begin clearing priority three routes including streets in residential areas.  Crews have 72 hours to complete all priority three routes following the completion of priority one and priority two routes.

Motorists are asked to please be patient and to drive cautiously around road crews.

For further information about the City’s snow and ice control procedures, please visit

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