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Petition to keep North College Park as is, goes to council

City council has received a 935-name petition from residents concerned about the fate of the North College Park in College Heights.

Residents in the area became concerned after an open house last November outlined plans for a housing development on Eton Avenue.

That proposal, according to the petition sent to council, “would require a portion of North College Park to be declared surplus to city parkland needs, repurposed, rezoned, and sold to accommodate the development.

The petition reads: “The citizens whose names are listed on this petition wish to register their opposition to any rezoning of North College Park that would allow a housing development to be built on parkland adjacent to Eton Avenue. We wish all of North College Park to remain parkland.”

The group submitted the petition, even though there is no rezoning application at this time. A delegation will be before council March 6.

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