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Enjoying when red lights turn blue

Sometimes it’s the little things that being me pleasure.

As followers of this column from my print days know, I am not a fine of poor driving habits (to put it mildly).

One day last week, I was driving on Ospika, coming up to Massey. I was doing my usual 52 or 53 on nice bare roads, with some traffic around but not bumper-to-bumper.

In the rearview mirror, I saw a vehicle coming up behind me in my lane. It wasn’t going 70 or 80 (which I do sometimes see on Ospika), but it was catching up to me, and the driver obviously couldn’t accept the fact that I was sticking pretty close to the posted speed limit.

So he (even though I’m not sure it was a man) signaled, then pulled into the other lane. The vehicle was far enough back that I could see it in the rearview mirror.

The light at Massey turned to amber. I stepped on the brake, nice and easy, no panic stop needed. I was far enough back and the road, as I said, was bare and dry.

The driver beside and still behind me decided to step on a different pedal, hit the gas and went by me.

By the time they got about halfway through the intersection, the light was red.

The vehicle behind them also went through the light.

As that vehicle pulled up beside me, though, red and blue lights started flashing on it. An unmarked police vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle pulled over immediately, probably thinking the police vehicle was answering another call.

I imagine the driver was somewhat surprised when the police vehicle pulled over behind him.

As I sat at the red light, I have to admit I was thinking, “Yessss. Gotcha.”

The light turned green, and I proceeded through. I checked to make sure there was no vehicle right beside me, and moved over a bit as I went past the two vehicles parked at the side of the road.

The police officer was still at the driver’s window of the other vehicle as I passed them, and my only thought was, “I guess running the light didn’t save you any time after all.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring me pleasure.

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