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Arts council supports Studio 2880 rezoning, wants to move downtown


The Community Arts Council supports a city plan to rezone the property that currently houses Studio 2880 on 15th Avenue.

The brought forward proposal to rezone the north portion of 2880 15th Avenue (approximately 0.3 ha) and 2744 15th Avenue to facilitate multiple residential development for the Elizabeth Fry Society.

The property houses Studio 2880 and CFIS Community Radio, however the housing development would, essentially, wrap around the existing building.

Studio 2880 will remain on the site and won’t be affected. However, as Community Arts Council executive director Sean Farrell explained, the Community Arts Council would like to move out of the 40-year-old building.

“The Community Arts Council has done an excellent job over the years in grooming and maintaining the site by infusing creativity, expression and artistic discipline into this space,” said Farrell. “I hope any potential future residents will be well served by the peace and harmony by which the space is currently known … We help ensure the city has a soul.”

Farrell said the Community Arts Council is looking expand its role in the community.

“We believe our organization is ready to consolidate its natural role as the ‘go to’ organization that represents local arts and cultural organizations. Our organization has evolved from its original purpose, to support art and artists, to now being a major cultural service provider to city residents.”

He said the Community Arts Council has a 20-20 plan, which means having 20,000 Prince George residents involved in its programs by the year 2020. That is up from the approximately 17,000 involved now.

That growth includes the need for a new facility, he said, adding the Community Arts Council supports the rezoning plan for the current location. However, he did have a request for council … that the arts council collaborate with the city to develop a capital business plan to relocate downtown by 2019.

“We want to see the arts council relocate from Studio 2880,” he said. “Studio 2880 and the lot is not ideal for the arts. The facility is broken … We would really like to be downtown.”


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