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Musings mustered up in mid-January

Some Random Ramblings for the middle of January, with the weather in Prince George apparently having no idea what season it is:

  • So the Prince George Spruce Kings have 16 games left in the regular season – and one of them is at home. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a schedule like that before, even when a team had to move out of its regular rink for a special event. The Cougars, for instance, were basically on the road for two weeks during the 2015 Canada Winter Games, but they snuck back into CN Centre for a game on the turnaround day, and “only” played about seven road games in those two weeks.
  • Speaking of the Cougars, who would have predicted when they were down 5-1 after two periods in Lethbridge on Friday night, playing their third game in four days on the road, that they would turn it around and get a win? They did, and they won again Saturday to pick up their third win in four games in five days on the road. Anybody who didn’t believe this was a team that has some serious mojo working before, should now.
  • Are you ready for the most boring two weeks of the NFL season? After the conference championships this Sunday, the league takes two weeks to get ready for the Super Bowl, Why? I have no idea. If you get two great games on Sunday, a lot of people will have forgotten about them by the time the Super Bowl eventually shows up.
  • Speaking of the NFL, the most pathetic example of a professional All-Star Game actually takes part in the two-week break before the Super Bowl. Yes, I can feel the excitement building around the entire universe for this year’s Pro Bowl on January 29. Just because it won’t have any players from the two best teams (you know, the ones who are actually in the Super Bowl) and just because you end up with about two-thirds of the players originally named to the game declining the opportunity, it ends up feeling more like a preseason game. At least the other three major sports – baseball, basketball and hockey – have their All-Star Game during the season.
  • One non-sports note to wrap things up, and this is a prediction. The sun will come up on January 21. Yes, even after Donald Trump officially becomes President.

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