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Province urging restraint when drinking

After allowing grocery stores to sell alcohol and then further loosening up liquor laws allowing businesses such as hair salons to serve booze, the province is now urging British Columbians to take it easy when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Through a new social responsibility campaign, the province is promoting moderation and encouraging responsible alcohol consumption.

To help get the word out, all of B.C.’s licensed establishments and liquor retailers are legally required to display these materials in plain view of their clientele.

The new advertising campaign emphasizes moderation when drinking. Posters and tent cards will be displayed at every licensed establishment and liquor retailer throughout B.C., in addition to new information and educational resources available to the public at:

The province first provided mandatory social responsibility materials to every establishment in B.C. selling liquor in April 2015.

Public health and safety are guiding principles as the province continues to change liquor laws. The mandatory display of social responsibility materials builds on other policies and programs the Province has in place or expanded to protect the health and safety of British Columbians including:

  • every establishment in B.C. licensed to sell or serve alcohol is subject to  full inspections from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to ensure they are in compliance with all public health and safety regulations;
  • anyone serving liquor in B.C. is legally required to obtain Serving It Right certification to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities when selling or serving liquor;
  • implementing minimum price regulations for all licensed establishments and liquor retailers  to  ensure that liquor is sold responsibly; and
  • using The Minors as Agents Program to help ensure minors cannot access alcohol.

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