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Houses added to heritage registry

Moffat House

Have you ever seen these houses?

At Monday’s meeting, Prince George city council approved the first-ever residential additions to the Prince George Heritage Registry: the Pitman House on McBride Crescent and the Munro/Moffat House on Moffat Street.

The Munro/Moffat House was constructed at the corner of Moffat Street and Hammond Avenue in Prince George in 1914. At the time, this site was located in Central Fort George, a town site developed by George Hammond in 1910, three miles from South Fort George.

The house was constructed by Mr. John Munro who had travelled to South Fort George in 1910 to open the Bank of British North America. The log house has exterior characteristics of “Prairie Style” architecture, prominent in residential work in the 1910-1930 period both in Canada and the United States, with Frank Lloyd Wright being the main progenitor.

The location of the Pitman House is in the prestigious Crescents Neighbourhood of the city. This neighbourhood was formulated in the 1913 Brett & Hall design for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway community of Fort George. The Pitman site is at the north-east corner of 10th Avenue and McBride Crescent.

The Pitman House is a two-storey structure revealing similar characteristics to the Dutch Colonial style, which originated with the Dutch settlers in New York. In the 1920s and 1930s, this theme was one of several ethnic and classical revival styles which appeared in the Crescent area of Prince George, and over the nation.

These houses are the first additions to the Prince George Heritage Register since it was originally adopted in 2007.

Pitman House

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