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Braving the cold in a bid for help

With temperatures hovering around -22 degrees Celsius all day, Tim Gagnon braves the cold across from the Tim Horton’s at Fifth and Central Wednesday. Bill Phillips photo

He arrived at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, hoping for the charity of others.

Tim Gagnon, bundled up pretty well for the -22 degree Celsius temperature, perched his wheelchair in the snowbank across from the Tim Horton’s at Fifth and Central Wednesday, hoping for some help.

“We’re going through a very rough time right now,” reads his sign.

That rough time has to do with the motorized wheelchair he needs to get around. He said his social assistance will help get a new one to replace his old one, which is broken down. But it hasn’t arrived yet.

That means renting a motorized wheelchair … rent he can’t afford to to pay, but can’t afford not to either. The added expense of renting a wheelchair means there isn’t enough to pay for the necessities of life.

On Wednesday, he hoped for the charity of others. He said donations were pretty slow, but a lot of people would run into Tim Horton’s and buy him a coffee.

“I’m pretty much coffee’d out,” he said just before noon, after having been there for close to six hours.

If you seem him today, some spare change would help.

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