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Taking a wild stab at the future

It’s the first week of January, and I’m writing this Monday evening, the day winter decided Prince George hadn’t had enough cold weather yet.

It’s funny how the temperatures we’re having right now are probably pretty close to average, but after the last few winters, we had gotten used to warmer weather.

On the other hand, after the cold snap we had a few weeks ago, this feels like suntanning weather.

It is January, the time when almost every columnist pulls out their crystal ball or Ouija board and makes predictions about the upcoming year. I, however, am not like most columnists. I will not pull out a piece of fortune-telling equipment and peer into the foggy mists of the future.

No, I’m just going to take a few wild stabs at things that might happen over the next 12 months. Remember, this information is strictly for entertainment purposes and should not be used for wagering.

Unlike last season, there will be some Canadian content in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I have a feeling Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton will represent the maple leaf. The Canucks will continue to tread water, and will put on a late burst which will fall just short. In a real shocker, it will be Columbus against Minnesota in the finals, with the Blue Jackets winning in six.

At least one local politician will start campaigning in the summer for re-election, having forgotten they now serve four-year terms. There will also be a few people making tentative noises about running for a spot on council or school board, for the same reason.

Provincially, the Liberals will win another majority government, but I can see the number of seats they win being reduced. That won’t happen in this area, though, as Shirley Bond and Mike Morris will retain their seats, leading to four more years of constant microphone-height adjustment when both of them attend the same event.

The Prince George Cougars will make the WHL playoffs, as will the Spruce Kings in the BCHL. Neither, unfortunately, will win the league titles, but both will acquit themselves well in the playoffs.

Given that the only team to beat the Cariboo Cougars at the Mac’s Tournament in Calgary over the holidays was from Europe, it isn’t a big shot in the dark to say the Cougars will win the Telus Cup national championship on home ice.

The sun will rise each day, even if it isn’t always obvious in Prince George.

You could probably put a wager down on that last one, but I don’t think you’ll get very good odds.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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