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Most happy to be done with 2016: Poll

Worst year ever.”

That’s one pop culture narrative about 2016. From the humanitarian crises unfolding in Syria to terror attacks, world-re-ordering election outcomes and a parade of celebrity deaths – for many, this year seemed marked by more sadness and more uncertainty than previous ones.

While there’s no way to definitively declare a year the “worst ever” – a new public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians largely feeling gloomy about the past 12 months.

Asked whether the year has been good or bad for themselves, their country, and the world at large, Canadians take a dim view of all three. Equal numbers say the year was good and bad on a personal level, while Canadians are more likely to say 2016 was bad for Canada than to say it was good. They feel even more negatively about the year’s impact on the United States and the rest of the world.

Key Findings:

Some two-in-three Canadians (65 per cent) say the year in which Americans elected Donald Trump president was a bad one for their neighbours to the south

More than half (53 per cent) say 2016 was bad for their own individual province, and more Canadians say it was bad for their country (38 per cent) than good (25 per cent)

Canadians are split over whether the last 12 months have been good to them personally, though those under age 35 are more positive about the year they’ve had

Link to the poll here:



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