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Water cannon used on ice jam

Prince George Fire Rescue Services are working with city crews to try to clear some ice from in front of the back channel by pulverizing a section with water being pumped from the river. It seems to be working, according to city spokesperson Rob Van Adrichem. They are set up in the Kiwanis park next to the boat launch. City of Prince George photo

Crews with Prince George Fire Rescue Services are contributing to efforts started earlier this week to remove ice from the entrance to a back-channel on the Nechako River.

From the end of a ladder extending nearly 100 feet from shore, firefighters are blasting a section of ice between two open channels. They are pumping 800 Imperial gallons of water per minute from the river through a pumper truck and onto the ice, and are planning to continue this work through the afternoon. They are positioned in Kiwanis Park west of the boat launch.

The back-channel runs through Cottonwood Island Park and is critical for accommodating rising river levels in the Nechako near to its confluence with the Fraser.

Regular monitoring of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers continues to identify the presence of stationary ice on the Nechako for about 12km upstream from the confluence with the Fraser. There are, however, numerous open channels and water levels have been stable for the last few days.

The city is distributing an update to about 240 residents and businesses on River, PG Pulpmill, Preston, Pozer, and Ongman roads today. Along with information related to recent observations and plans for continued monitoring, the letter provides information on how sandbags and sand can be requested. Residents and businesses can make arrangements for the delivery of bags and sand by calling 250-561-7534 or 250-614-7828. The province also provides information on flood preparedness and emergency management:

The Heritage River Trail remains closed from Cameron Street Bridge to the replica bridge and parking is also closed at Kiwanis Park and the boat launch.

Firefighter Ryan Olson blasts water at the Nechako River ice jam. City of Prince George photo


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