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Crews working to clear ice jam

IDL Projects is removing ice from the entrance to a back-channel that runs through Cottonwood Island Park. Opening up the mouth of the back-channel enables it to accommodate any increase in water levels that may arise on the Nechako. City of Prince George photo

Work is underway to remove ice from part of the Nechako River at Cottonwood Island Park. The ice is situated at the mouth of a back-channel that runs through the park and under the replica bridge.

This back-channel is critical for accommodating any increase in water levels that may be caused by the presence of ice on the river. Note that the Heritage River Trail and parking at Kiwanis Park and the boat launch remain closed.

The city’s emergency operations centre continues to function at level one and monitoring of the Nechako is continuing day and night at various locations and at regular intervals. Although stationary ice is evident for about 12km up the Nechako from the confluence with the Fraser, water levels aren’t presently rising and numerous open water channels are visible.

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