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B&E artists going after guns

One of several guns stolen this week.

Police would like to warn gun owners to take extra precautions to secure their firearms, after suspects in two recent break and enters targeted firearms.

On Sunday approximately 10 p.m., the Prince George RCMP received a report of a break and enter to a residence on Highway 97, also known as the John Hart Highway.

Officers attended and learned that four firearms were stolen from the residence that evening.  The firearms are described as:

  • 12 gauge shotgun
  • 7mm rifle
  • .308 rifle
  • SKS rifle

In addition, seven cases of ammunition were stolen:

Bling Shot 12 gauge shells (two cases)

Winchester 7mm ammunition (two cases)

Winchester .308 ammunition (three cases)

 On Tuesday December 20, at approximately 9 p.m., the Prince George RCMP received a report of a break and enter to a residence on Walker Road.  Officers attended and found that the following items were stolen sometime that day:

  • 270 Browning rifle
  • 12 gauge 870 shotgun
  • 55 inch flat screen TV with sound system
  • Playstation 4 gaming system
  • Articles of mail

Investigators are concerned that one or more persons are targeting residences in the hopes that there may be firearms.

Police are offering some tips to gun owners:

Always secure your firearms according to Canadian law;

Secure your firearms at another location (someone with a firearms licence) if you take a vacation;

Secure your firearms safe to your residence and keep the keys with you or at another residence;

Take photos of your guns including the serial numbers.  Store the photos somewhere other than on a computer (in case it gets stolen);

Don't talk to people about your guns or where you store them;

Sell or relinquish guns that you do not use / need;

Install a good security system, preferably monitored;

Do not leave firearms unattended at remote / seasonal cabins.


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