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City works to create back channel on Nechako River

City crews will be working today to try and create a back channel on the Nechako River near area highlighted in photo.

Crews with the City of Prince George, IDL Projects Ltd, and McElhanney Consulting Services will soon begin to remove ice from the entrance to a “back-channel” along the Nechako River that flows through Cottonwood Island Park in attempt to deal with water blocked by an ice jam.

This back-channel is a critical for accommodating over-flow from the Nechako, according to a city press release.

As a result, and adding to a section of the Heritage River Trail that was closed last week as a precaution, the trail is closed from the Cameron Street Bridge to near the replica bridge in the park. Parking is also closed at the boat launch, the Kiwanis Park, and the Spruce City Wildlife Association fish hatchery.

Opening the back-channel is being done as a precaution in the event of rising water levels in the Nechako. Currently, and consistent with observations recorded over the weekend, water levels have been dropping slightly over the last few days.

Water flow readings recorded at Isle Pierre indicate that water in the river is continuing to move at just under 200 cubic metres per second. Further upriver, at Vanderhoof and at the Stuart River, flows are decreasing slowly.

Although there are several areas of open water, stationary ice on the Nechako can be seen about 12 kilometres upriver from the confluence with the Fraser River.

 The City of Prince George and Prince George Fire-Rescue Services continue to monitor the river at multiple points and at regular intervals.


Residents are advised to monitor local media, the City’s social media channels, and the city website for updates and information.

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