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Man charged with trafficking inside Terrace courthouse

The Terrace RCMP and BC Sheriffs arrested a witness at a drug trafficking trial for trafficking suspected cocaine inside of the Terrace Court House on Wednesday, December 7.

Hugh Robb has been charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking. He was back in in the same courthouse on Thursday, this time in custody.

“This is the first case I have heard of in 20 years of policing where a defence witness, while waiting to give evidence for a drug trafficking trial was arrested for actively dealing drugs in a court house. The BC Sheriff’s department did a great job,” said Officer in Charge, Inspector Syd Lecky, Terrace RCMP.

BC Sheriffs became suspicious of Robb after hearing a comment that he made to someone and then witnessing activity near the washrooms that appeared consistent with drug trafficking. This led to an astute sheriff following Robb and another man into the washroom where the sheriff witnessed evidence leading to the arrest. Upon search numerous packets of suspected cocaine were located. The Terrace RCMP attended and arrested Robb.

Robb was scheduled to give evidence as a witness in defence of Ellen New, who was on trial for unrelated drug trafficking charges. New later in the day entered a guilty plea. Robb is currently before the courts himself awaiting sentencing on a prior conviction of possession for the purpose of trafficking that occurred in July 2014.

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