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RCMP team up with the Cougars

RCMP Supt. Warren Brown and Cougars vice-president, business, Andy Beesley unveil hockey cards police officers will be handing out to youth.

The Prince George RCMP are partnering with the Prince George Cougars Hockey Club.

The Prince George Cougars will be providing police officers from the local detachment with hockey cards to give out to youth in our community.

“The Prince George Cougars are always looking for innovative and creative ways to support our City” said Andy Beesley, Vice-President of the Prince George Cougars. “Superintendent Brown and other RCMP members brainstormed ideas with me, and we came up with the idea that the Cougars could provide members with packs of our hockey cards to distribute to youth. The PG Cougars are happy to provide our hockey card sets at no cost to the RCMP. We are completely united in support of our local police force and our entire community. This is an easy way for us to give a little something back that might help connect youth and RCMP members in a very positive way.”

Each of the 25 player cards is an opportunity for the officers to reach out and connect with the youth of our community and provide a topic of dialogue to help establish a bond. Everyone in the community is aware of the Prince George Cougars Hockey Club which provides common ground when talking to youth on the street or in traumatic situations.

“The Prince George RCMP are elated that we have been given the opportunity to partner with our own Prince George Cougars through this initiative” says Supt. Warren Brown, Officer in Charge of the Prince George RCMP. “Unfortunately, all too often, we come into contact with youth who have witnessed or been subject to horrendous trauma. Any opportunity to have a positive interaction with a young person through the sharing of a ‘Cougars’ hockey card would go a long way in not only demonstrating care, but also inspiring the possibilities they could achieve.”

Beginning today, most uniformed officers will be handing out cards during their regular duties.

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