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No election blackout – early results available

Prince George voters will know how the election is shaping up Monday long before the polls close here.

Preliminary results from the 42nd general election will be published on as soon as they become available.

The unofficial voter turnout results will also be displayed in real time throughout the night.

This is the first time British Columbians will have a chance to peek at results in eastern Canada before the polls close. Previously, blackouts were in place in western Canada until the polls closed.

The change means results from Atlantic Canada will be available by mid-afternoon here in B.C.

As per the changes recently introduced to the Canada Elections Act, preliminary results may now be broadcast as soon as they are reported by returning officers.

When a polling station closes, the deputy returning officer counts the votes and transmits the results to the returning officer, who immediately relays them electronically to Elections Canada headquarters

In this election, Elections Canada will post the results on shortly after they are received, and share them electronically with a consortium of Canadian broadcasters and wire services for distribution to news outlets.

A map of the preliminary results by electoral district will be published online on October 20.

In most electoral districts, the validation of the preliminary results will occur on October 20 or 21.

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