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Poll puts Derrick ahead by six points

Cariboo-Prince George NDP candidate Trent Derrick has a six-point lead in the riding, according to an Environics poll conducted on behalf of LeadNow.


The poll, conducted between October 9 and 11, puts Derrick’s support at 36 per cent of decided voters, Conservative Todd Doherty’s at 30, Liberal Tracy Calogheros at 29 per cent, and Green candidate Richard Jaques at five per cent. Independents Sheldon Clare and Gordon Campbell were not among the poll’s questions, which put undecided voters at seven per cent.

While support for the NDP has steadily increased in the riding according to historical data in the Environics poll (see graph), Liberal support has increased at a greater rate, while Conservative support has decreased steadily since 2011.

Environics was commissioned by Leadnow, an organization that, through its Vote Together campaign, is seeking to defeat the Conservative government.

Environics conducted telephone surveys of  over 500 eligible voters in each of nine federal ridings across Canada  between October 9 and 11.

The Cariboo-Prince George  riding sample size was 500. Respondents were asked: “Q. If the federal election were held tomorrow, which one of the following parties would you vote for here in the riding of [riding name] …?  and Q. Even though you are undecided, is there a party’s candidate that you are leaning towards…?”
The research was conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  technology and the findings were weighted by age and gender to reflect the  demographic makeup of the electorate. Listed phone numbers in each riding  were randomly contacted to take part in the survey. Cell phone numbers are  not directory listed or linked to street addresses, therefore they cannot be  assigned to individual ridings for research purposes at this localized level.
The survey explored vote intention in the upcoming federal election. In each  riding, the names of nominated local candidates were read. Questions were  also posed on whether respondents felt they were voting to re-elect or  defeat the Conservative government and those supporting opposition party
candidates were asked about their willingness to switch their vote to the  candidate with the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.

The margin of error for the poll is plus-or-minus 4.4 per cent 19 times out of 20. To read a full copy of the poll report, click here.

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