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Represent the riding or the party?

I want to work in the Prime Minister’s Office.

It seems those in working in the PMO can simply ignore e-mails from their boss. Sounds like my kind of job.

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wblock-logoWith As The Duffy Trial Turns now adjourned until after fall sweeps, we watchers of the daytime Ottawa soaps will have to content ourselves with re-runs. I’m thinking it will stand the test of time though, as the re-runs are still entertaining and it’s definitely not going to be cancelled before next season.
In addition, Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, and soap scribes like me will keep wondering whether they will write star Stephen Harper out of the script. He has been a little pushy about getting his contract renewed. Darn, I hate those cliff-hanger endings.
Stay tuned.

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The NDP have finally selected a candidate for Cariboo-Prince George. Trent Derrick was elected Monday night. As is always with nomination races, the party never divulges what the vote was, however apparently it went to a second ballot. There may be some fences within the party that Derrick has to mend. I know a lot of people in Williams Lake were pulling for Laura Zimmerman, for no other reason than she was from the lakecity.
Cariboo-Prince George is one of 51 ridings where the First Nations vote could make the difference, according to the Assembly of First Nations. Derrick, who is Gitxsan, will certainly appeal to First Nations in the riding.
The question though, as with any demographic, is whether the candidate can get them out to vote. Derrick has to first, get the First Nations vote (which isn’t a given), and then get them out to the polls. Not an easy task, but the Assembly of First Nations is right in that if First Nations get interested and get out and vote, they could make a difference here.

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The next big question in Cariboo-Prince George is how many, if any, all-candidates forums will Conservative candidate Todd Doherty attend?
The CBC and the Prince George Public Library have an all-candidates forum set for October 1. The CBC’s Andrew Kurjata tweeted yesterday that all the Cariboo-Prince George candidates have confirmed, except Doherty.
The Prince George Chamber of Commerce is also working on hosting an all-candidates forum (dates haven’t been set yet). The Conservatives are more amenable to chamber of commerce events rather than those nasty CBC types who, egad, hang out in libraries.
I’m sure Doherty would love to attend, however, it’s likely not up to him … or his local campaign team.
One of the questions all candidates should answer is whether they will represent the riding in Ottawa or represent their party in the riding. Sadly, the latter has been the case for a long, long time and it’s one of the things that people are in a mood to change.


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