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Liberal Matt Shaw outlines what he stands for

by Matt Shaw

Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Liberal candidate and his wife Joanne.
Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Liberal candidate and his wife Joanne.

Getting Rid of Stephen Harper – A fourth term of an autocratic, secretive, and scandal-plagued Stephen Harper would not be good for Canada or for this region.
Vigorous Representation – I will actually do what politicians are supposed to do: Work tirelessly to represent and advocate for the people of Prince George and the North.
Tax Relief for Working People – We need to put more money in the pockets of the middle class through lower taxes and a significant child benefit package worth hundreds of dollars per month.
Establishing Productive Partnerships with First Nations – Over the last decade of the Harper Government, relations with First Nations have deteriorated badly. I want to help re-establish trust and build productive partnerships with the First Nations in the North.
A Business Environment that Allows Small Businesses to Grow and Create Jobs – Small business is Canada’s primary economic engine. We must foster a business climate that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.
Individual Rights – Individual rights are non-negotiable and cannot be allowed to be compromised through dangerous legislation, such as Bill C-51.
Protection of our Social Programs – The Government must protect critical social programs, such as the Canada Pension Plan, that Canadians have paid into in good faith.
Freedom from Fear – We cannot let politicians manipulate us with exaggerated claims of terrorism. A Canadian is far more likely to be harmed by a moose than by a terrorist.
Ending Prohibition of Marijuana – We need to legalize and regulate marijuana like other jurisdictions such as Washington State and Colorado have. Wherever this has been done, the crime rate goes down, policing costs drop dramatically, revenues go up, and drug use falls.
Open Government – We need to implement complete transparency in government in order to end abuses of the public trust by politicians.
Maintaining our Reputation as Peacekeepers – We need to quit adopting aggressive actions in foreign wars. Instead, Canada should contribute to international affairs as we have traditionally done: as a peace keeper and honest broker.
Responsible and Sustainable Development of Resources – As a trading nation and region, it is vital that we develop our resources, get them to market, and sell them successfully. However, we need to make sure we do this in ways that do not negatively impact our environment.


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