Do you think there were too many political signs erected on city boulevards and by-ways during the last municipal election? For those seeking office, campaign signs are a necessary evil and most do a good job of cleaning them up after the election. However, in Quesnel, not all are happy with the number of signs and the city is looking at doing something about it. The City of Quesnel is currently drafting a bylaw to restrict political campaign signs on public property within city limits. In this case, public property refers to road right-of-ways where political signs are typically installed and whose control and title rests with the government. The number of signs on private property will not be restricted. If the bylaw passes, candidates will be allowed to erect up six signs on public property. The signs allowed on public property cannot be more than four square feet … the big billboards are out. No signs shall be placed on a center median, sidewalk, or in a park; on any roadway structure, or traffic control device; on any tree, planter, waste receptacle, newspaper box, or mail box located on city owned land; and within 100 m of a polling station (on public or private property). According to the City of Quesnel, the purpose of this bylaw is to: - create an equal opportunity for all candidates - maintain community aesthetics - promote environmental sustainability - reduce administrative burden and costs - reduce campaign workload and potential conflicts. The city is looking for public input regarding its proposed new bylaw. You can answer their questions at:
Quesnel set to limit campaign signs
The Fort St John RCMP received several complaints in the late afternoon on August 8th 2016, of three individuals speeding throughout town riding a white dirt bike, white quad and green quad. The make and model of the vehicles are unknown, however the quads were racing style quads. The driver of the white dirt bike is described as: male, wearing a white tee shirt with black writing on it, grey shorts, white colored full face helmet. The driver of the green quad is described as: male, wearing a blue tee shirt with black pants, multi colored red, white and black backpack, full face helmet. The driver of the white quad is described as: male, wearing a grey sleeveless shirt and black pants, green and grey full face helmet. The three were seen stunting throughout Fort St John by driving upwards of 100 km/hr and doing doughnuts in the area of 117th Ave and 98th St. Several attempts were made by police to pull the vehicles over however they fled from police. Both the dirt bike and quads were driving recklessly with no regard or consideration for motorists on the roadway, according to police. It is remarkable that no one was injured, said Const. Nancy Saggar. This is an ongoing issue in the City of Fort St John and the surrounding communities. In recent years the Fort St John police have investigated a number of deaths and serious injuries caused by reckless driving behavior, she added. “We are seeking the public’s assistance in helping to identify the drivers. We are also asking the drivers of these vehicles to come forward and identify themselves, said Saggar. If you or anyone you know has information regarding the identity of the drivers or further descriptors of the vehicles including who they may belong to, please contact the Fort St John RCMP at 250-787-8100. You can also report this anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.
Fort St. John police on lookout for stunters riding ATVs