BY BILL PHILLIPS Daily News A concern of trade unions prior to the beginning of the Site C dam construction  was that many of the jobs would go to out- of-province workers. BC Hydro released statistics last week on the early stages of construction that suggest British Columbian workers are getting their fair share of the work. There are now more than 1,000 British Columbians working on the Site C Clean Energy Project, according to statistics released by BC Hydro. The latest employment statistics indicate that there were 1,547 total workers on the Site C project in May 2016, with 1,223 workers from British Columbia (79 per cent). The more than 1,200 British Columbians working on the Site C project represent a varied workforce including: carpenters, truck drivers, crane operators, safety advisors and officers, general labourers, heavy-equipment operators, mechanics, electricians, worker lodge operations staff, construction supervisors, environmental workers and project staff (engineering consultants and office staff). Construction of the Site C project started in summer 2015. Employment has been increasing as construction activities ramp up, particularly with the start of main civil works this spring. The main civil workers’ contractor alone expects to have 600 workers on site this fall. "We continue to make excellent progress in line with Site C's budget and schedule and this is being reflected in the employment numbers," said Jessica McDonald, president and CEO of BC Hydro, in a press release. "This is an ideal time to be building Site C, as interest rates are at historical lows, commodity prices are down, and economic shifts have increased the availability of skilled workers and equipment." "We're pleased to be involved in the main civil works component of the Site C project," said Paul Nedelec, secretary treasurer of the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers. "Building Site C provides jobs for our members - and our members bring a proven track record of success in dam construction." "We're thrilled to have started the physical work on main civil works for Site C," said John McPherson, earthworks and dam construction director, Peace River Hydro Partners. "We're committed to local hiring on Site C. That's why we participated in job fairs throughout the region earlier this year." Quick Facts: To date, unions that have participated in the Site C project include: Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers (CMAW), Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC Local 68), Canada West Construction Union (CWU), Pile Drivers 2402, Move Up, and the following B.C. Building Trades affiliated unions: the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE Local 115), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Teamsters Local 213. In addition, 10 unions affiliated with the B.C. Building Trades will be working on the installation of the Turbines and Generators when that work is completed as construction progresses. The Site C project is a hydroelectric dam and generating station under construction in northeast B.C.